CC in SL in RL CC Salon

Hamlet was talking at the First Creative Commons Salon just after I arrived in San Francisco, so I went along partly to catch up with Hamlet and partly because things like Creative Commons Salons just don’t happen very often in Nottingham. The talks by Josh Kinberg of FireAnt and Eddie Codel of Geek Entertainment TV mainly focused on the kinds of remixes and mashups are possible using CC licensed works and on technologies for easily sharing media using Creative Commons licenses while Hamlet talked about Lawrence Lessig‘s early influence on Second Life, his more recent talk in Second Life, Zarf Vantongerloo’s CC machine and the Creative Commons and Free Culture efforts that have been gathering steam within SL over recent weeks. It was an enjoyable if slightly chaotic evening and with it’s Flickr photobooth and 1337 address, Shine was the perfect venue. It was also an interesting first peak in to one of the geeky San Francisco events I often see advertised in mails sent around Linden Lab, but can’t normally go to.

Below: Hamlet at the CC Salon, CC in SL in RL CC Salon



See also: Lindens in the Flickr photobooth.

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