A Hero is Born

We’ve been having lots of discussions at the Lab about copyrights, trademarks, and our policies (and responsibilities) to help rights owners manage them. So it’s only appropriate that our very own general counsel, Ginsu Linden, should have shared this video with us. It was originally posted on Lawrence Lessig’s blog.

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3 Responses to A Hero is Born

  1. Llauren no-last-name-yet says:

    Is this movie supposed to have sound? It LOOKED like there should be some, but I couldn`t hear any [and yes, I checked my audio settings, to be certain that they were not causing problems].

  2. robin says:

    The movie does have sound — a story with sound effects and music! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to hear it, because it’s not only funny, but also very germaine to the problems of overly zealous rights protection.

  3. Llauren Wannabe says:

    Much appreciated, Robin, but when Ah tried again, Ah couldn`t even get th` *video* t` play! Yall got any ideahs?

    Llove, Llauren.


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