More Data That Might Only Interest Me

I was gathering inventory item creation data for Second Life and found the following information that I thought was interesting.  Residents can create 12 different kinds of inventory items: objects, notecards, landmarks, wearables, callingcards, textures, snapshots, attachments, scripts, gestures, animations, or sounds.  By inventory creation, I mean the creation of a new inventory item within a given time period, so this includes both new inventory items created by building, uploading, etc, as well as items gained as gifts or via purchases.

In a day, the following percentage of residents who logged in created at least one inventory item of each type:

Object: 72%
Notecard: 57%
Landmark: 35%
Wearable: 33%
Callingcard: 29%
Texture: 25%
Snapshot: 25%
Attachment: 17%
Script: 15%
Gesture: 11%
Animation: 7%
Sound: 3%

So, to put this in context, around 2400 people — in one day — added a script in to their inventory.  This is a really amazing number, given that simple script experimentation in objects doesn’t actually create script inventory items, so these are fairly serious scripters!

Another way of looking at the data is to see how many of each asset type is created, again, within one day:

Object: 247,671
Wearable: 68,741
Texture: 60,580
Notecard: 47,584
Gesture: 35,166
Animation: 19,176
Landmark: 15,276
Snapshot: 13,723
Script: 9,118
Attachment: 8,965
Callingcard: 8,323
Sound: 3,759

Interesting data, I think.  (At least to me)

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6 Responses to More Data That Might Only Interest Me

  1. Lewis Moten says:

    Interesting. By looking at this, one can see what items seem to be in high demand.

  2. Are you sure 2400 scripts were actually written in this sample day? Or is it that 2400 scripts were placed in people’s inventory, mostly as copies? And is a script in your inventory if it’s contained within an object, or only if it’s separate from a containing object?

  3. Those are some interesting numbers.

  4. hmodes says:

    Looks like SL is really taking off. Doubling the user base inside 3 months is an impressive enough stat; the more granular details of the world are downright amazing. It seems Lindens are becoming a real economic force to be dealt with.

  5. Stephen Lightworker says:

    Cory, You’re not alone in finding those numbers interesting. Personally, I can’t get enough SL stats. Please keep them coming.

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