And now, something for the ladies…

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  1. ok ben, how’d you get such an organic looking tail movement? spill

  2. Ben Linden says:

    oh, it was really easy – I made a cone, and attached it to my avatar’s bottom, and then clicked the “Flexible” checkbox 😉

  3. Is the ‘flexible’ selection available in 1.8? I guess I’ve never noticed it if so…

  4. Ice Brodie says:

    I shall code…

    Gelatinous Cube!


    *runs off cackling*

  5. Name says:

    Is this new flexible property for all kinds of objects, not just attachments? How does one set flexible via lsl? llSetStatus(STATUS_FLEXIBLE, TRUE)?

  6. Awesome, I can see that this feature has huge potential!

    One question: Do you plan on implementing a setting that defines a prim’s degree of flexibility (and possibly others, such as reaction speed), to be added alongside the existing prim parameters? That seems to me like a crucial ability if we want to see flexibility really put to good use.

  7. Kitten Lulu says:

    arf arf….. *purs*
    ETA for flexible?

  8. Oz Spade says:

    It looks like you also set “Flexible” on the curtains in the background as well. Which appear to be effected by… wind? If this is in-doors, this is troubling, since if wind effects curtains indoors… well, yeah.

    “Name” and Beatfox raise good questions as well. Being able to set HOW flexible an item is, via the edit menu and also from script would be very awesome to have. Another idea is to have the flexibility determined by the material, where Rubber would be very flexible (like your tail), wood would be more dense, light (or a new “fabric” material) perhaps even more flexible than Rubber, etc. However doing by material type would give us less control.

    I also am curious on an ETA, but I know LL should probably *never* give ETA’s anymore. 😛

  9. Lita Kothari says:

    I can’t see it.

    “Due to persistent abuse we regret we are not providing service to your region at this time.”

    Why do people hate Asia so much? 😦

  10. 😛 i think it’s a custom mesh,

  11. paulie femto says:

    any updates on this?

  12. I think it’s a HOAX…. but so well done…!

  13. Ben Linden says:

    Not a hoax, development on this has been pretty light, but Yedwab has been doing a good job of getting performance to work well even on low spec machines. I’ll have to make another one where we have a few thousand in your view.

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