A bit of Ireland in Second Life

A couple of days ago I received an invitation to visit The Blarney Stone Pub. Not having had the pleasure of seeing it before, but being a fan of all things Irish, I finished my meeting and headed over. There I met Ham Rambler, the proprietor, a Dubliner currently living in London.

There was wonderful music, including The Chieftains, and Ham served as
DJ while we danced a jig. Most fun though was kissing the Blarney
Stone itself, prominently recreated in front of the pub. I was kiss



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7 Responses to A bit of Ireland in Second Life

  1. Ham Rambler says:


    Thank you for stopping by, and the kind comments. Its taken some time to get the bar up and running, and it wouldn’t have happened except for a team of builders, Sammmy, Skiwyse, Ces and Zal who put up with my strange requests as I tried to keep the genuine Irish Bar feel to the Blarney Stone.

    Wishing you and all the Lindens a great 2006.


  2. Henrietta Strangelove says:

    I love the Blarney Stone! Just like a real-life pub, it’s a comforting, homey and fun place to hang out.

  3. Ewenmi Pertwee says:

    i’m a bit of a fan myself. probably not because i work there.
    or because ham is the most amazing boss.
    or because of the music, the laughter, the dancing, the conversation
    or the amazing people who drop by and turn everything into magic.
    or the complete spontaneity of events.
    or even the intensely incredible surroundings of the dublin sim (which is almost complete, almost).
    … i probably just like the blarney stone because i like beer. that’s probably it.
    the rest is just sugar on top, really. 😉

  4. Tony Moore from the bedford has played at the Blarney Stone, you can follow more live music with Tony at http://www.bedfordbandstand.com You can subscribe to the weekly free podcast, through itunes or youtube.com.

  5. adam racer says:

    plz help me iv been tryin 2 set up a second life 4 ages but i just cant do help me plz

  6. Hunk says:

    this is going to be great

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