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Lots of progress on the Mono front: LSL scripts can now be optionally compiled to CIL assembler in the viewer, uploaded to the
simulator, assembled, verified, saved as assets,
rezzed, run on the Mono virtual machine, persisted, reset and migrated across region boundaries between simulators.

Below: the first cilbyte asset; the first LSL script compiled to CIL assembler in the viewer and then rezzed in a simulator; the first region boundary crossing by a Mono script; LSL and Mono versions of a script running side by side.





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28 Responses to Mono Log

  1. richard says:

    I’ve got to ask… What’s in the God menu?

  2. Stefan Nilsson says:

    That’s SO cool. I just hope you’ll create some standalone APIs so we can use an compilation environment of our choice. ^^

    Great work!

  3. *drools at the asset server* cool way of limiting the asset dump… what is the type number for cilbyte? would it be 23?
    I was wondering how things were stored on the server since they had the same uuid.

    The Guardian Unlimited is pretty good with computer news.

    So… when can we play with it? ^_^

  4. ETA for delivery? 🙂

  5. Burp
    Andrew Linden said:
    I’ll bet you’ll be able to run your own tests sometime in January.

    I’m glad to hear that its on track with the ETA given last year (which was Q1 ’06).

  6. Jim Purbrick says:

    Blind, Thanks for pointing me to the forum thread. I’ve added a few more details and clarifications there.

    Trust Andrew to start throwing dates around after I’d been studiously avoiding any mention of release dates for months 😉

    Anyway, it’s looking good. There are a few more kinks I need to straighten out and a lot of testing to be done, but sometime in January for a first look seems reasonable.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Kitten Lulu says:

    So, when are you going to let us use trusted parts of the Mono common library from LSL?


  8. Gordon Prior says:

    So if I was sadistic enough could I write Second Life scripts in native CIL? Actually this would be quite useful. I could use my own CIL compiler for my favorite language and then paste in the resulting CIL into my Second Life scripts.

  9. Jim Purbrick says:

    Kitten, opening up parts of the .NET framework should be pretty easy and I’d like to do it as soon as we have Mono in and stable.

    Gordon, yes you could use CIL to script Second Life right now if the client didn’t try to compile it and passed it straight on to the simulator (I don’t actually think CIL’s not that bad for an assembly language, but then I’ve written a compiler that targets it).

  10. paulie femto says:

    So, January has come and gone. Can we expect any MONO tests in Feb or March?

  11. AC says:

    Any ETA on when I can start writing stuff in C#? LSL is really starting to get on my nerves lol.

  12. Jim Purbrick says:

    paulie, a Mono simulator is currently running and being tested within Linden Lab and I’m currently working on the remaining issues that we need to resolve before we can open the test up to residents.

  13. It’s march now… any updates?

  14. Gordon Prior says:

    I love how everyone immediately assumes Mono implementation in SL means they will be able to write scripts in C#.

    Mono != C#

    Some implementations of Mono come with a C# CIL bytecode compiler. But it appears that Linden Labs will not be providing C# to us anytime soon.

  15. paulie femto says:

    still waiting. 🙂

  16. Lyndell Aleixandre says:

    are we there yet? everyone would appreciate a progress update…

  17. Luke says:

    So I decided to abstain from Second Life for a while until the Mono VM is done being implemented.

    BTW, for those who have doubts. It wouldn’t make much sense at all for LL to not allow C#. They don’t even need to include a Mono compiler, they can just support CIL code. Programmers can compile the C# to CIL and then just paste that into Second Life. Mono is quite flexible. Second Life doesn’t need any compilers for someone to write code in most languages.

  18. Chris Omega says:

    Any updates on the mono status?

  19. Jim Purbrick says:

    I’m currently waiting on the implementation of bytecode verification and full assembly unloading in Mono, which we need before we can do a public test. I’m working with the Mono team to get these features implemented, but feel free to help out 🙂

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