Company Culture

Linden Lab has a very open company culture – one that fosters creativity, and open communication. We all work in one big room where we can easily tap someone on the shoulder for a question. We get together on Fridays to eat lunch and talk about what we are doing. And sometimes…

Our CEO gets up and electrocutes all of us by means of a 150 year old hand cranked generator.

— Ben Linden

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1 Response to Company Culture

  1. Morgaine Dinova says:

    You guys are lucky.

    In some places I’ve been in, they wire their full-time
    employees permanently to their electrocution system,
    and offer an extra high-voltage burst as recompense
    for effort beyond the call of duty. 😉

    (Aka: “You didn’t code in this bug which was clearly
    specified by our Design Auithority, take five lashes”.)

    Maybe this is why freelance contracting is so popular in the UK.

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